What We Can Learn About Live Streaming From Kittens

If you ask almost anyone what the best thing about the internet is, the fact that it allows people to access videos of baby animals doing teeth-rottingly saccharine things has a pretty decent shot at making the top three. After all, what better way is there than to cheer up after a long and tiring day than to watch a clowder of cats intently...
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If you ask almost anyone what the best thing about the internet is, the fact that it allows people to access videos of baby animals doing teeth-rottingly saccharine things has a pretty decent shot at making the top three.

After all, what better way is there than to cheer up after a long and tiring day than to watch a clowder of cats intently watching a roomba? Or to see a big, floofy dog howling along to a pop song? Or to listen to an unusually talented crow providing accompaniment to a skilled classical musician?

Of course, to say that this is exclusive to the internet would be the pinnacle of foolhardiness; obviously, animals have been around a very long time, and for millennia, people have kept pets both for practical purposes and the exquisite companionship they provide. But, there’s something about watching animals that brings a certain kind of joy that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

And, since the internet has such a large collection of cute animal videos, it makes sense that people will share the very cutest ones with their friends. This leads to people seeing a much higher density of cute things than they otherwise would, which raises a question that only very rarely gets discussed: If people now have the ability see cute videos of animals any time they want to, why do they still want to have pets?

Taking care of a pet is a lot of work. If people have the ability to view all the best parts of having a pet without any of the hassle, then why hasn’t global pet ownership taken an absolute nose dive? The answer is simple, but let’s take a moment to talk a bit about how this relates to live streaming while you think about it.

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Live streaming is a great way to increase the success of an association’s conference. It boosts revenue and expands their reach to a far greater number of people – but you can read all about that here. So, the question here is: why aren’t more associations taking advantage of this strategy? And, more specifically, what are some reasons that your association might not be live streaming its conferences yet?

While there is surely at least one association out there that’s done its research thoroughly and determined that live streaming is simply not a tactic that would work very well for it, it seems that what’s holding back most people is ignorance and fear. Unfortunately, many people have ideas about the detriments of live streaming that, while they have good logic behind them and seem intuitive, simply don’t hold up once you look at the facts.

For example, one of the most common concerns that associations have is that of cannibalization. That is, they’re worried that since people will have the ability to watch the conference from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, they’ll have no reason to attend it physically. This is an understandable fear; associations pay a lot of money to conference centers and want to make sure that they’re getting enough benefits from it to be worth it. Understandable though it may be, it is, ultimately, unfounded. To see why, let’s look back to the question about pets.

You may well have guessed the answer by now. The truth is that cute animal videos don’t decrease pet ownership because they lack one of the fundamental aspects of what makes having an animal to take care of great: the relationship. People don’t have pets solely to see the cute and funny ways they behave. Make no mistake; it’s definitely a great perk, but there’s so much more to it than that.

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You can certainly enjoy a video of some Persian chattering at birds through a window, but does it really compare to the experience of watching your own cat, who you’ve had and loved for years, do the same? Or, you can watch any of the countless records of dogs getting excited just at the word “walk” or becoming overjoyed the minute their human steps through the front door, tail going a mile a minute. But it just pales in comparison to when you’re the one to say that certain word or you’re the human they’re so, so happy to see.

Cute videos are a great way to improve your mood, whether you’re sad and need a pick-me-up or are already pretty happy. Plus, they’re really great for people who, due to allergies, their living space, or any number of other reasons, just can’t have a pet. But, if you ask anyone who’s able to have one which option they’d choose between unlimited access to pet videos and an actual pet, well, I think you probably already know what they’re going to say.

Likewise, live streaming does not draw people away from your physical conference. In fact, the statistics show that, just as you might expect a person to have a stronger urge to buy a puppy after having seen one do something very cute online, people are actually more likely to attend a conference in person after having done so virtually!

Digitell strives to make our live streaming as immersive and enjoyable as possible by including lots of features, like a place for people to chat with each other while they watch the speakers, a section to take notes, and a fully-customizable display window. Still, it turns out that most people prefer to attend in person if it’s at all possible. People crave the experience of going to a place to learn where they can meet and network with a lot of other people who are there for the same reason! People love to travel to different cities, to stay in nice hotels, to eat at restaurants different from the ones they normally go to. It’s for these sort of reasons that many people will continue to go to conferences in person whenever they can.

However, just as some people are in a situation where owning a pet is impossible, so too are many others simply unable to travel in order to attend a conference. Sure, those hotels and restaurants are nice, but they can be awfully pricey. And that’s not even including the cost and hassle of the travel itself! Even when they want to go and can afford the price of the ticket, all the other expenses can make physical attendance unattainable. It’s for those people that live streaming is useful.

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Plus, oftentimes, once people see how great the material covered in a conference is, they’ll likely consider it more of a priority to go the next time! Because of this, there’s a history of associations having higher rates of physical enrollment after they live stream their conference even just one time.

If we want to take the connection a step even further, we can take a look at the people who are putting up the videos. When a video goes viral, as those of this genre are especially likely to do, it can bring in quite a bit of money for its poster. This is despite the fact that they’re receiving a mere fraction of a cent per view! Associations, however, get much more than that.

You see, it’s the norm to charge the same amount for a digital ticket as a physical one. Because of our dedication to providing an exciting, immersive, and memorable experience for all digital attendees, the numbers are showing that people are completely willing to pay the same price for both!

There are many advantages to this. For one, by offering the two types of tickets at equal value, it prevents people from skipping out on the physical conference in order to save money. However, for those who could not otherwise attend due to the previously-mentioned extra costs and inconveniences, the difference in the cumulative cost is enough for them to be able to purchase access to the stream. In addition, the influx of revenue to the organization is often immense.

Whether you have a pet of your own or not, one thing I think we can all agree on is that associations and live streaming go together like cats and dogs.

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