The Ultimate Hospitality Software List: Are You Up-To-Date?

Hoteliers must anticipate coming trends and be prepared to rapidly evolve. In the current climate, that means enthusiastically embracing the software, apps, digital conference aids, social media tools, and other forms of hospitality software that are revolutionizing the industry. If you fail to do so you will become an anachronism, left to scramble...

Hoteliers must anticipate coming trends and be prepared to rapidly evolve. In the current climate, that means enthusiastically embracing the software, apps, digital conference aids, social media tools, and other forms of hospitality software that are revolutionizing the industry. If you fail to do so you will become an anachronism, left to scramble after conferences, meetings, and other mass events that are no longer within reach.

First up, hospitality software for better social media engagement.

1. Tint

Tint is one of the more active and interactive social media wall tools on the market, and it’s a boon for hotels that want to make sure they get great publicity for putting on a successful event. Tint will aggregate event-related posts and images from social media sites almost as quickly as they appear, funneling them back for redistribution on your website, on live screens on the conference floor, or to platforms carrying your ads elsewhere in virtual space.

Maximum interconnectivity and real-time information-sharing is Tint’s greatest selling point, and with Tint on board you’ll solve the mystery of how to use social media to your advantage.

2. Hootfeed

Developed by the popular analytics and publishing platform Hootsuite, Hootfeed connects live Twitter streams to event screens, allowing for fast and unlimited responses to or questions about presentations, exhibits or any other idea or concept presented during a meeting or seminar.

Hootfeed works beautifully during Q&A sessions, and allows for equal participation from virtual attendees anywhere in the world. Twitter is a powerful device for live conversation and Hootfeed is designed to exploit those capabilities.

3. Tagboard

With Tagboard the power of the hashtag is harnessed for the benefit of hotels and their conference attendees. Once you’ve selected your conference-specific hashtags, Tagboard will scan all the major social media sites for relevant content. In a flash all the pictures, videos and written posts it finds will be passed on to the conference moderator, who can select the most enlightening and entertaining content to share with the rest of the room.

4. Crowdscreen

If you would like to offer a more private social media wall option, Crowdscreen is an ideal choice. Rather than aggregating material for relay to your public social media wall, Crowdscreen uses a proprietary app that lets meeting, conference or seminar participants share content privately and exclusively.

While it won’t be used by everyone, Crowdscreen adds a layer of protection and confidentiality to communication that many conference attendees will undoubtedly appreciate.

Next in line, software for check-in and registration.

1. Regpack

Registration and check-in at conferences, seminars and other events is a snap with Regpack. Through Regpack you can fully customize registration forms and create as many categories of attendees as you require. You can add a group registration feature if necessary, and a cart with express checkout can also be included if goods or services will be sold at the event.

The Regpack program can be embedded on your website, and guests can use it to check-in from mobile devices from any location. Registration and check-in at hotel events has never been faster or more convenient, and including Regpack in your hotel technology portfolio will dramatically increase your efficiency in these areas.

2. Fonteva Events

Fonteva offers multiple cloud-based software solutions for a wide variety of organizations, and its Fonteva Events platform is a supremely useful product for busy hotels that must juggle multiple events occurring over condensed time periods. Through Fonteva Events you’ll be able to offer streamlined registration procedures and full updates on the progress of event preparations, which will be accessible to all interested parties.

In a feature that is especially useful for hotels hosting groups or individuals from other nations, the Fonteva Events software includes 90 different payment processing options, making dollar conversion calculations unnecessary. In addition, Fonteva Events allows for the creation of temporary conference-specific microsites, where organizers and attendees can gather to share ideas and information.

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Four great hospitality software picks for event lifecycle management.

1. InitLive

When you’re hosting a conference or group meeting you want your team functioning like a well-oiled machine, and with InitLive you can make sure your employees are all on the same page. InitLive is the quintessential staff scheduling and management tool, allowing hoteliers and supervisors to stay in constant contact with all employees on duty during a hotel event.

In addition to facilitating fast and easy communication, the InitLive app will even let you find and message staff off-site if personnel reinforcements are needed.

2. Hubb

After adding Hubb to your event management repertoire, you’ll no longer have to spend time chasing after speakers and presenters begging them to give you information. After entering Hubb your presenters and exhibitors will be able to upload their data directly, which assures accuracy while significantly lightening the load on conference managers.

This information will be easily accessible to conference attendees, event planners and anyone else involved in managing the proceedings.

3. Caterease

As the premier food and beverage tool available to hotels and event planners, Caterease removes all stress and uncertainty from the catering process. Caterease software is accessible for all involved in food preparation and logistics: it can create visually arresting menus, detailed ingredient lists and cooking instructions for hotel chefs, or even allow guests to make their food and beverage selections onsite or before arriving at the conference.

Caterease is the number one tool on the market for all catering-related aspects of event planning and hosting. As comfort with digital innovations grows hotel technology is becoming more specialized, and this product is a prime example of that dynamic in action.

4. Social Tables

It has often been said that a picture is worth 10,000 words, and hoteliers who subscribe to this idea will be thrilled by Social Tables. Within minutes you can create a diagram and 3D display of conference rooms and other facilities, editing and reconfiguring the images as necessary to cover every detail involved in the hosting and planning of the event.

With Social Tables you’ll be able to capture leads, quickly make recommendations to those leads, and illustrate your plans in a way that will make a lasting and vivid impression on conference organizers and presenters. Social Tables produces a wide range of invaluable tools from lead capture through to helping operations set up on the day of the event, to assist in the planning and hosting process.

Conference technology can also assist in your events.

1. Slido

Digital advancements are giving meeting organizers the chance to add new layers of interactivity to their events, and few products are doing more to support this exciting trend in hotel technology than Slido.

With Slido, conference or seminar attendees can participate in Q&A sessions, respond to live polls and even vote on which questions they want answered first. Attendees can use any mobile device to engage in the ongoing conversation, and anyone monitoring the event online will be able to add their two cents in as well.

2. Crowd Mics

In theory it would be great to give every conference or seminar attendee equal access to thought leaders and presenters, and that is exactly what Crowd Mics does. Elegant and empowering in its simplicity, Crowd Mics can access smartphone and tablet sound systems to instantly convert any mobile device into a fully functioning microphone.

Crowd Mics is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and for those who feel uncomfortable speaking in public the Crowd Mic also includes full texting capacity.

3. Zenvoy

Networking at conferences is a challenge for most people, but Zenvoy is making it easier to forge productive, meaningful connections.

Participants create and upload profiles that contain as much personal and professional information as they want, and Zenvoy will then analyze everyone’s data and connect compatible people via email notification. Through the Zenvoy service conference attendees can branch out beyond presenters, organizers and thought leaders to meet with peers who share similar interests and ambitions, without the need to stumble through the initial introduction.

Now you know the hospitality software that can guide you from pre-event hype through social media through to check-in during the day of the event, and sales and operations solutions that can ease communication and reduce stress across your team.

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